With asset intelligence at the speed of business, organizations can increase cyber resilience throughout their network.

Who is Comet Global

Comet Global Designs, Develops, Builds and Acquires SAAS companies that help businesses grow.

If you have a SAAS Company for sale or wish to utilize our distribution channels to grow your business through a partnership with us, please contact us below.

What We Stand For

We exists to help business owners build profitable businesses that allows them to have freedom to create bigger and better businesses and serve more people.

Through this service they impact the world in a positive way and employ more people who build happy families.

Kids who grow up in happy families become leaders who can change the world.

Our Directors

Johann Nogueirra

Specializes in transforming ideas into technological realities and scaling existing businesses. His expertise encompasses crafting visions, building brands, and leveraging technology, teams, and media for optimal growth.

Walt Bayliss

An online entrepreneur, a professional software developer, and an internet marketer. I am lucky enough to earn a full time income from the internet, and able to travel with my family, enjoying the lifestyle and plugging in where ever there is a connection.

Chris Farrace

Chris is also the co-founder of Comet Global, a range of artificial intelligence software growth tools that help thousands of businesses world wide grow and scale. Chris also has specialized interest and expertise in industrial real estate development.

Our Companies

AI marketing platform that boosts leads and sales, produces content, and attracts more customers, all in one place. Grow your business effortlessly with our comprehensive tools.

Bringing agencies a suite of white-labeled, AI-powered products they can use to grow their business and resell to their clients to help skyrocket their business.

A community of Business Owners helping each other build, grow, and scale businesses that matter to create a positive impact on the world.

GoJeo productivity toolset. We offer a one stop dashboard for everything you do online.

Founded in 2016, Bamco aimed to modernize the customer experience with 3D and 360° services for Australia's property sector. Now based in Melbourne, with a focus on Lead Generation, Bamco supports clients through results-based platforms and has a growing portfolio of established customers.

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