Frequently Asked Questions

How will Google Reviews increase my sales?

Great question, and the main reason we are here...

We want to help you build a business of warm to hot leads. Google reviews have become part of our lives and are the 2nd largest contributor to your Google Maps ranking. That's right if you're a local business when your potential customer searches your industry, up will come all the businesses in your local area. The higher the Google ranking the closer to the top the business will be. That's why reviews are so important and research says that when your potential customer is searching for your service or product they will review the ratings of others up the top of the search, as well as reading through your reviews, which in turn are also the largest driver of click through rates and this increases your rankings.

I don't have time to ask my client's for reviews can you help streamline it?

Our software is designed to make your life easy because we know how busy you are. To manually ask for reviews is incredibly time consuming and no wonder businesses, just give up. So we have automated the process and the request can be sent via, SMS, email or even a barcode. You or your staff can do it one at a time or via a bulk upload. We work with you on what is best for your reputation and business. No matter how big or small your company is, we can help and the request can be sent from your phone, tablet or desktop. Simple!

But what happens if my client doesn't respond?

No problems... My Biz Reviews software is automated with a follow-up sequence. We work with you for those busy clients who have forgotten. On average most of our client's reviews are completed on a reminder because lets be honest, everyone needs just a gentle nudge here and there.

Can My Biz Reviews help with other platforms other than google?

You'd be surprised the number of clients who didn't realize the number of review platforms they get with our software. Depending on your industry, we work with you to get you listed on as many as you need. Just to name a few, Facebook, TripAdvisor, RatemyAgent, etc including Google. Why not book a call and let's chat about what is best for your industry and how we can help get you making recurring revenue from your reviews.

Do you guys provide support or is this a self manage system?

We love watching businesses grow and yours is no different. That's why we have a comprehensive onboarding process that sets you up for success and regular on going meetings... we love supporting our community and will be there to help you every step.

Does the review request come from My Biz Reviews or can I customise it?

While we work with you, your customer has no idea who we are... that's why we help you personalise the system. That includes your branding, colours, even message tone. Every business is unique and wants their clients and customers to feel special and we have no doubt your business is no different. For that reason we want to help make getting reviews part of your customer journey process and done in a way that makes it seem effortless.

I'm so busy doing social media, I don't think I have time for reviews, why should I do them?

Yes, we know, social media is a beast of a thing, for some businesses. But did you know with our software, you can share your reviews on other social media platforms and even on your website. We even have a strategy whereby your customer touchpoints have reviews posted for them to read and that keeps you top of mind, exciting is it not?

I have a massive database and the thought of contacting them all is overwhelming. should I just start from now?

No need to stress... if you have a list of clients on a CSV file ( we will explain what a CSV file is if you don't know), then it can be uploaded into the software. You can then pick and choose which clients you ask for a review requests and automate it... too easy :-)

What happens if a client gives me a negative review?

Well, this is our bag! We are experts in language patterns and help our clients answer these very rare reviews. Did you know research says that a customer goes looking for a negative review to see how a business responds? So a negative review can be your best asset if handle the correct way. And while we are on negative reviews, most people who aren't asked for a review will leave a negative review if they have a bad experience. That's why protecting your reputation with a large number of good quality 5 star reviews is incredibly important for every business owner.

How do I really know if your software is making a difference in my business?

There's a saying... what gets reported gets done. And that's why we break your information down into two categories. Part one is insights into your brand reputation and the increased number of reviews and your average star ratings. For the time you work with us, you will be able to see your overall improvement... that's exciting is it not? The second part is keeping track of your clients and their interaction with the software, including open rates, click-through rates and if you wanted different staff to send out review links you can keep track of how they are going.

Is there a way to get more reviews more often?

It's easy to see is it not, that depending on your industry, we work with you to get your client to think that leaving a review was their idea. There is a special time to ask and we help you get it right.

Is using photos in my reviews going to make a difference?

You probably already know this but Google loves user generated content and a review is like a mini blog. So by adding a photo to a review is like having a cherry on top of your favorite ice cream sundae. So, yes a photo's are a great thing.

Does it matter what someone says in a review?

Here's the thing that not many people know...If a client uses the same words as other customers, who search your product or service, it works like SEO. You will come up higher in the search and therefore more often and guess what advertising becomes free.

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Discover the latest REO ( Review Engine Optimization) tips from us!

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